About us

millennium3 Financial Services

Our vision:

Millennium3 believes in the transformative power of great financial advice for all Australians.

Our beliefs:

  •  Great financial advice has the power to transform lives
  • Successful advisers are part of a powerful community
  • Great financial advice comes from great advisers
  • Quality leadership and advice help your business grow

Who we are

millennium3 is one of Australia’s largest financial services adviser groups with origins tracing back over 30 years. Millennium3 has offices across Australia, with our head office located in Sydney, New South Wales and an extensive network of qualified financial advisers located in all states.

millennium3 Financial Services Pty Ltd is ultimately owned by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ABN 11 005 357 522). As a result, M3 is related to all companies within this group including OnePath Australia Limited, which offers financial products and platforms to retail clients. As a result of this relationship, actual and potential conflicts of interest may arise when our authorised representatives provide services to you and recommend OnePath products.

However, where this relationship might reasonably be capable of influencing our representatives’ advice or creating a conflict of interest, they will clearly disclose this interest or the nature of the conflict to allow you to make an informed decision about their advice. We will manage, and will clearly disclose, any conflicts that we think may influence that advice.

millennium3 also has controlling interest in some of its corporate authorised representatives.

millennium3 is a Diamond member of the Association of Financial Advisers and holds an Australian Financial Services License No. 244252.

Our role

millennium3 provides the licensing, infrastructure and practice development support to enable individual member practices to deliver investment and risk management advice to their customers.

We employ and contract specialist professionals to ensure that all services provided are of the highest standard and quality.

With strong experience in specialised fields of the financial services industry, our development managers provide our adviser network with expert advice that is authoritative and trusted.

Our customers

Our customers range from young people starting out, small business owners, and successful professionals to large employer groups. No matter where you are in life, our approach to lifestyle financial planning ensures our advisers work closely with you to develop a personalised and strategic financial plan that adapts with you throughout life to achieve your financial goals.


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